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Jew's mallow (Tiliaceae)

Jew's mallow is an annual plant reproducing with seed propagation, which is used as a vegetable and characterized by discharging slime when its leaves are cut. In October 1996 there was an agricultural incident in which three out of five cows fed with branches of Jew's mallow with fruits on them died. The investigation that followed proved that Jew's mallow seeds contain strong poison. Still, poison has not been detected in Jew's mallow leaves and tea sold in the market.


Parts of the plant that may be ingested accidentally. Seeds.
Symptoms Cases of cows not willing to eat, being unable to stand, having diarrhea and dying have been reported.
Venomous constituents Seeds contain cardiac glycoside strophanthidin. In Africa it used to be used as an arrow toxin.

Jew's mallow
Jew's mallow
Jew's mallow seeds
Jew's mallow seeds


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