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Illicium anisatum (Magnoliaceae)

Small evergreen tree with glossy and thick leaves, that blooms with light lemon-yellow color flowers in the spring. From autumn to winter it grows fruit in the shape of a star. It is said that Illicium anisatum got its name from “evil fruit”.


Habitat In the mountains. It often grows in graveyards and temples.
Parts of the plant that may be ingested accidentally. Fruit,etc. Sometimes children might eat the fruit while playing. It also might be mistaken for star anise used in Chinese cuisine.
Symptoms Vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, cramps, breathing difficulties, rise of blood pressure, etc.
Venomous constituents Anisatin, irisin, Hananominn, etc. Whole plant is poisonous. Fruit is especially poisonous.

Illicium anisatum flower
Illicium anisatum flower
Illicium anisatum seed
Illicium anisatum seed


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