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Naturalized plant

Plant that was transferred from its original habitat to other areas with human mediation and has later adapted to existing there on its own.

Whole plant

All parts of the plant such as flower, leaves, stem, roots, etc.


General term for a fruit similar to that of grapes, which has a meaty texture and includes high content of water inside its flesh and has fruit skin.


Fruit that splits from the bottom when ripe and scatters seed.


Stem without leaves with a flower on the tip.

Underground stem

Stem that grows underground, where the plant stocks nutrients and propagates. There are many forms, such as the rhizome, groundnut, corm, scaly bulb, etc


General term for plants with an underground stem at a glance resembling root.

Tuberous roots

Massive fleshy root like sweet potato that stocks nutrients such as starch and similar.


A part of an underground stem grown like potato, in which the plant accumulates a large quantity of reserve substances (starch, etc.), with its stem shape being transformed. It has many sprouts on the surface and it grows into a complete organism even if split in pieces.

Scaly bulb

Round with thick scale lying on top of one another like onion. Nutrients are stocked inside the succulent scales.


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