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Carolina jasmine (Loganiaceae)

Plant originates in North America and grows many bright yellow flowers in the spring. In recent years, it is grown extensively as a garden tree or a hedge due to its beautiful flowers. The flowers have an indistinct fragrance.


Habitat Originates in North America
Parts of the plant that may be ingested accidentally. Flowers. There have been cases of mistaking the flower of Carolina jasmine grown for domestic decoration for jasmine, poured over with hot water and consumed as tea, causing symptoms such as feeble limbs, blurred vision and other.
Symptoms Dizziness, cramps, breathing difficulties, etc.
Venomous constituents Gelsemicine. Whole plant is poisonous.

Carolina jasmine(poisonous)
Carolina jasmine (poisonous)
Jasmine (properly “Arabian jasmine” (Oleaceae))
Jasmine (properly “Arabian jasmine” (Oleaceae))


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