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Discover a new side of Tokyo through walking!

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Machida City [Highlight]
Aihara-chuo Park

Aihara-machi (Umenokisawa)/Follow the old road in Aihara and Nanakuni-toge Mountain Pass

Route Description

Aihara Station→Nanakuni and Aihara Special Green Conservation Area→Nanakuni-toge Mountain Pass→Dainichi-do Temple→Dewa-sanzan Memorial Tower→Aihara-chuo Park→Aihara Station

The Aihara area is extensive and nature-rich. In the area near Aihara Station, the Old Kamakura Road and the ridge road connecting to it have remained, creating an atmosphere of an old mountain trail.
Aihara-chuo Park is a park which takes advantages of the topography of the valley. Facilities, such as the gently sloping square, a walking path in the forest and a charcoal kiln, establish an environment where visitors can coexist with nature.

* These are estimates given for a person, weight 60kg, moving at 4km per hour, walking 10 min.=30kcal, one step=70cm.

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