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About this website

The information and other items in this [Tokyo walking map] (hereafter, this site) may be used according to the following conditions:
Please read without fail when using.
Please refrain from using if you do not agree to the following conditions:

Privacy Policy

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This website is the official website of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, a municipality in Japan. We offer information on Tokyo Metropolis through a multilingual website, including English, for people whose mother tongue is a foreign language.



Each piece of information posted on this website (texts, photos, illustrations, etc.) is subject to copyright. Additionally, the entire official website of TMG is subject to copyright for compilations, and protected by the Copyright Act.
Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited unless approved by the Copyright Act, such as reproduction for personal use or quotation.


As a general rule, links may be freely added to this website for commercial or personal purposes. However, a link to this website should be avoided in any of the following cases or if there is possibility of the following.
If the link includes content that:
1. slanders or defames TMG or other bodies (including individuals) or other organizations.
2. violates or is likely to infringe the copyright, intellectual property rights such as trademarks, assets, privacy or publicity rights of TMG or other bodies (including individuals) or organizations.
3. may appear misleading for third parties and does not clearly display contents as the property of TMG, such as by displaying this website within a frame.
4. contains any materials that in addition to those mentioned above may violate laws, ordinances, regulations, etc., or public order or morality, or potentially disturb the operation of this website.
5. pastes a link by using logos or marks possessed by TMG without permission.
6. pastes a link in a manner that solicits the misunderstanding of the source of information.
The URL of this website is subject to change without notice. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government assumes no responsibility or liability for any damages or claims in connection with links.

Technical Matters

Recommended environment

The following browsers are recommended for a more secure and more pleasant experience using this website:
・Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or later
・Google Chrome (including for Android) latest version
・Mozilla Firefox (including for Android) latest version
・Safari (including for iOS) latest version
・Microsoft Edge latest version

Technology used

1. Cookies
This website utilizes cookies for the purpose of achieving a more convenient viewing experience and continuously improving this website.
A cookie is data sent to a user’s browser from the server that handles administration of this website. The cookie sent is saved in the user’s computer (computer or mobile device, etc.).
However, information such as the user’s name, address, phone number, and other information that identifies the user are absolutely not included in this cookie.
Additionally, these cookies have no direct negative effect on the user’s computer.
This website uses cookies provided by a third-party contractor to assess the access information of each page on this website.
It is possible for the user to decline cookies through the use of appropriate browser settings.
Disabling cookies in this way will not hinder the use of this website in any major way. Refer to your browser manufacturer for information on these browser settings.

2. JavaScript
Portions of this website use JavaScript to achieve a more comfortable user experience.
Failure to activate JavaScript in your browser may result in an inability to properly view or use this website.

This website uses TLS encryption on a portion of its services to improve its security level.
To use the relevant services, a browser that supports TLS1.2 encryption is required.
The use of such browser will automatically encrypt, send or receive data that the user inputs, such as the user’s name, address, phone number, and other personal information.
In the unlikely event that any transmission of this data is intercepted by a third party, there is no fear that the transmission’s contents will be stolen.
Additionally, the use of a firewall may prevent some users from accessing this website.

4. PDF
The Adobe Reader from Adobe Systems Incorporated is required to view files in the PDF file format.
Download the latest version of Adobe Reader if it is not installed on your system or the contents of this website are displayed incorrectly.

Information Security Policy

This website will protect its information assets from threats, for the purpose of preserving the trust of its users and fulfilling its social mission as the website of a governmental institution.
1. As a means of maintaining the safety and accuracy of this site’s information assets, appropriate safety measures have been taken to prevent improper data access, and the destruction, alteration, loss, and leakage of this data.
2. The information assets on this website are handled in strict accordance with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s basic policy on information security, laws, and other standards.
3. Should the processing of information assets be entrusted to an external party, this processing work will take place under the appropriate supervision of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
4. Mechanisms will be established for the continued improvement of this information security policy.

Terms of Service


There is no guarantee of the completeness or accuracy of any information provided on this website.
This information may be changed without notice. The administrators and owners of this website accept absolutely no responsibility for any damage that may occur directly or indirectly due to the use of the information or content on this website.


The following activities are prohibited in the use of this website:
・Any activity that hinders or creates obstructions to the operation of this website.
・Any activity that causes or may cause inconvenience, loss, or violations of privacy to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the users of this website, or other third parties.
・Any activity that violates or may violate public order and morality.
・Any activity that violates a law, regulation, or ordinance.
・Any other activity deemed inappropriate by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Change of policy

The content of this policy may be subject to change or deleted without notice.

Applicable laws and court of jurisdiction

Interpretation and application of this Site Policy and all use of this website shall adhere to the law of Japan unless otherwise specified.
All disputes arising in connection with the use of this website shall be subject in the first instance to the exclusive agreement jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court.

Cookie Policy

Use of cookies & similar technologies

This website collects certain information by using cookies and other similar technologies to improve the usability and content of the website.
The Cookie Policy explains how to use them.

Cookies & similar technologies

A cookie is data that is sent from a website as a tag to identify the relevant device when the user has accessed a website using a device and that is stored in the device.
By using cookies, we can get information on the number of accesses to the website through the device used and other websites the customer visited in the past.
The functions of cookies and other similar technologies can be invalidated by setting the user’s browser appropriately as explained below.

Tools used, information collected and purpose of use

Tools used on this website, information collected by use of the tools, and the purpose of their use are as follows.

■ Google Analytics provided by Google Inc.
Information collected: Use status of this website by users (access status, traffic, routing, etc.)
Purpose of use:
Improve the usability of the website.
Google Inc. will collect and use the website’s use status.
For details, please refer to the following website.
Google Analytics terms of service (external link)
How Google uses information from sites or apps that use our services(external link)

For the privacy policy of Google Inc., please refer to the following website.
Google privacy policy (external link)

Information on Google Analytics can be obtained from the following website as well.
Detailed information on Google Analytics (external link)

Cookies obtained

This website has obtained cookies with the following tools.
・Google Analytics: A tool to analyze the customer use status of this website
・OneTrust: Cookie setting management tool
・Advertisement distribution: Advertisement service for advertisement distributors, such as Google and Yahoo.
See Cookie list.

Website to obtain cookies

We have obtained cookies mentioned above from the following website.
Refer to the list of websites introducing the cookie setting management tool OneTrust.

How to delete or invalidate cookies and similar technologies

(1) How to delete all cookies
The cookies saved in the user’s device are kept stored there unless the user intentionally deletes them or until they expire.
Most browsers in widespread use activate cookies by default, but it is possible for the user to delete cookies on his/her browser.
Please refer to the following links on how to delete cookies in each browser.
Google Chrome(external link)
Microsoft Internet Explorer(external link)
Microsoft Edge(external link)
Mozilla Firefox(external link)
Apple Safari(external link)

(2) How to invalidate/validate cookies
For the following cookies, you can invalidate or validate them with the following buttons.
・Google Analytics:The use status analysis tool on the customer’s website

(3) You can decline tracking of Google Analytics by using the Google Analytics opt-out add-on.
The Google Analytics opt-out add-on is a function for the user of the website to disable the use of data by JavaScript. To use the function, download the add-on and install it in your browser.
Google Analytics opt-on add-on(external link)


The responsible person for this site is the health promotion desk, the health promotion group of the health policy department.