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Discover a new side of Tokyo through walking!

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Bunkyo City [Highlight]
Ogai Mori Museum

Writers’ Path

This course does not have an indicated start or goal location. Please decide a spot that is easiest for you to start and finish at.

Route Description

→Todaimae Sta.→Former Iseya Pawn Shop (Remembered for its connection to Ichiyo Higuchi) →Historical Landmark of Kenji Miyazawa’s Former Residence →Hongo-sanchome Sta.→ Ochanomizu Sta.→Yushima Tenmangu Shrine→Rinsho-in Temple (Grave of Kasuga no Tsubone)→Bunkyo General Gymnasium→Hongo-sanchome Sta.→Akamon Gate (Goshuden-mon of the former Maeda Clan’s Residence)→Yayoi Pottery Archeological Monument→Nezu Sta.→Nezu Shrine→Sendagi Sta.→Ogai Mori Museum→Historical Landmark of Soseki Natsume’s Former Residence→Todaimae Sta.→

* These are estimates given for a person, weight 60kg, moving at 4km per hour, walking 10 min.=30kcal, one step=70cm.

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* Some details in the PDF walking map may differ from Google Map.

* Contact regarding the PDF walking map offered on this website.

[Bunkyo City Academy Promotion Department, Sports Promotion Division TEL 03-5803-1308]

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