Disaster measures

Last updated on: 25 May 2022 | Released on: 28 March 2018

Earthquake, storm, flood and other natural disasters are unpredictable, both in their location and the scope of damage. People with allergies require extra care. They must have access to hypoallergenic infant formulas and allergy-friendly foods. Accidental ingestion and/or cross-contamination in soup kitchen situations must be prevented. There is a need to be prepared at all times, and to coordinate with government agencies in the event of a disaster.
Be prepared! Check out emergency measures and make sure you have all you need!
Here is some information on what to do to prevent and cope with disasters.

Information for disaster prevention and guidance: Assistance for Foreigners at Times of Disaster Q & A Manual

This manual was prepared by the Tokyo International Communication Committee to aid foreign residents in the event of disasters.
The Q&A format will be useful to organizations providing support to foreign residents, by listing the questions they may be asked when a disaster occurs.
Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, and Tagalog versions are available. There are several categories, including evacuation, rescue, food, communication/information, daily life, life lines, housing, Procedures/certifications, and emotional care.