Adult asthma

Last updated on: 20 April 2022 | Released on: 15 January 2021

What are the side effects of inhaled steroids?
Inhaled steroids are delivered directly to the bronchial tubes (local administration). This is why they exert sufficient effects even in small doses. Even when taking a long-term control medication every day, there is no need to worry about side effects as long as the inhaler is being used correctly.
However, residues of the inhaled steroids in the mouth can lead to throat discomfort or oral thrush (a yeast infection in the mouth). Ideally, you should both rinse your mouth and gargle two or three times each. If unable to gargle, drink some water after inhalation to wash any residue down into the stomach.
One of the relatively common side effect is hoarseness. In many cases, hoarseness is alleviated by changing the kind of inhaled steroid, or reducing the dose. Just because you develop hoarseness, do not stop using the inhaled steroid without your doctor’s approval. Continue using it until your next visit, and ask for your doctor’s advice.
Always consult your doctor if you have any concerns.
Do seasons affect asthma symptoms?
Asthma attacks are known to be affected by meteorological conditions such as temperature, weather, and atmospheric pressure (cloudiness, typhoons, sudden changes in temperature, etc.) and airborne pollen. Check out the weather report to help manage your health.
I am not sure whether I am inhaling properly. Do you have any advice for using the inhaler correctly?
Inhalers come in a variety of types. Check the instructions of use of your inhaler. Some dispense mist, while others contain powder. There are differences in how to inhale. The important thing for all types of inhalers is to: (1) Set up the device so that it can be inhaled properly; (2) Exhale first, then place the inhaler in the mouth, and inhale in a single breath; (3) For mist types, inhale slowly and fully to expand the entire chest. For powder types, inhale as quickly and deeply as possible; (4) Once inhaled, hold your breath for about 5 seconds before exhaling. Finally, gargle with water to prevent side effects. If you are not sure how to use your device, ask for instructions at a healthcare facility or dispensing pharmacy until you are sure you can use it successfully.
How long do I need to continue using my asthma medicine?
When you have asthma, your airways are constantly inflamed even when you do not feel any symptoms. It is important to use long-term control medications (such as inhaled steroids) to keep “bronchial inflammation” under control. When using medication, do not act on your own judgment. Consult with your doctor thoroughly and gain knowledge on your pathology and attack-related factors to continue your treatment.
I am told that I should record peak flow or keep an asthma diary. Why should I do these things?
Symptoms of asthma can fluctuate during the day. Asthma tends to worsen at night and early morning. Your regular outpatient checkup will be during the day, when symptoms are usually better. Having information ready by recording peak flow or keeping an asthma diary will make it easier for you to precisely inform your doctor on your symptoms between checkups, and on any fluctuations during the day, and it will help your doctor understand the state of your asthma.
I was told I have aspirin-induced asthma. What kinds of things should I be careful of?
Persons with asthma may suffer a severe attack when they take a medication containing aspirin. This is called aspirin-induced asthma. Aspirin-induced asthma may occur not only with oral medications but also with skin patches and ointments. Special care is needed when you see a doctor for anything other than asthma. When you seek medical treatment for anything other than asthma, you must tell the doctor that you have aspirin-induced asthma. You must also consult with a pharmacist about aspirin-induced asthma when purchasing over-the-counter medication. Attacks may also be triggered by food colorants, preservatives, etc. Be very careful in regard to foods and health food products.