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Discover a new side of Tokyo through walking! Discover a new side of Tokyo through walking!

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Hachioji City [Highlight]
Kinunomichi (Silk Road)

A course to walk the paths which trace the lines of the hills, shrines and Naganuma Park - Tokyo Metropolitan Naganuma Park Course

Route Description

Koizumi residence→Kinunomichi (Silk Road)→University seminar house→Tokyo Metropolitan Naganuma Park→Naganuma Sta.
You can enjoy this course either in the sequence outlined above or in the reverse order from goal to start.
Please choose your departure point according to your preferences.

This is a course heading towards Naganuma Sta. passing Naganuma Park while strolling around the Ryokuchi (green area) and shrines. As this is a course with many ups and downs, please choose the route which suits you best.

* The time, calorie consumption, and number of steps for each walking course were calculated using a speed of 4 km/h, walking 10 minutes = 30 kcal, one step = 70 cm and a body weight of 60 kg.

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* Some details in the PDF walking map may differ from Google Map.

* Contact regarding the PDF walking map offered on this website.
[Hachioji City Public Health Center ,Health General Administration Section TEL:042-645-5112]

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