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Tokyo Metropolitan Government Food Safety Promotion Plan (FY2021 to FY2025)

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has established the “Tokyo Metropolitan Government Food Safety Promotion Plan” based on the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Ordinance for Food Safety, and is taking measures on securing food safety comprehensively in a systematic way. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has revised the promotion plan according to the report from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Food Safety Council to promote the further securing of food safety.

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For the revision of this plan, between December 28, 2020 and January 26, 2021, comments on the total of 17 items were submitted.
The following shows the comments submitted and the reply of Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
Result of the Request for Public Comment on the “(Draft) Tokyo Metropolitan Government Promotion Plan (FY2021 to FY2025) (Japanese)(PDF:688KB)

Summary of the draft of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Promotion Plan (FY2021 to FY2025)

1 Basic Concepts of the Revision of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Food Safety Promotion Plan

Under the basic philosophy of the Ordinance for Food Safety, continuing the measures taken under the promotion plan as the basis, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will organize several issues on food safety and promote the measures further while taking the current situation such as responses to the new system or changes of operation status into account.
The term of the plan shall be 5 years from FY2021 to FY2025.

<Issues related to food safety and the direction of response>

While the three points that correspond to the basic philosophy presented in the Ordinance for Food Safety are positioned as the “Pillars of Measures,” issues are organized according to each of the “Pillars of Measures” to set the direction of response.

Pillar of Measures 1: Promotion of voluntary initiatives that correspond to changes in the environments around foods
 (Issue) Securing safety from production to consumption
     Institutionalization of Sanitation Management in Accordance with HACCP
     Diversification of businesses and styles in food service
 (Response) Spreading the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s original GAP Certification System
     Adaptation and establishment of the HACCP management
     Technological support for diversifying businesses such as volunteers in food service
     Public announcement on the measures without fail for businesses who start takeout or delivery services
Pillar of Measures 2: Promotion of safety measures through information collection, investigation, and monitoring and guidance, etc.
 (Issue) Securing food safety of imported foods
     An occurrence of a food poisoning case over a wide area and/or on a large-scale
     Collection of information on health damage
     Response to new legal systems including food labeling
 (Response) Collection, analysis, and evaluation of information including that of oversees
     Enhancement of communication and collaboration system when a case occurs across a wide area
     Collection of information on health damage due to “foods with health claims”/Response to the report system for the foods containing designated ingredients, etc.
     Promotion of proper labeling based on the new labeling system
Pillar of Measures 3: Promotion of initiatives for mutual understanding among people involved and easy-access to food related information
 (Issue) Creating the environment for residents of Tokyo to make a judgement and choice on foods by themselves
     Communication with non-Japanese operators
     Response to food allergy
 (Response) Further promotion of exchanges of opinions between residents of Tokyo, business operators, and the administration
     Enhancement of offering information for non-Japanese operators
     Comprehensive food allergy measures

2 Measures to Secure Food Safety

In each step from production to consumption, measures for securing food safety promoted by the relevant departments in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government have been set as the basic measures. 47 of the basic measures are systematized comprehensively according to “Pillar of Measures” and its base “Base of Measures” to present in an easy-to-understand way the whole picture of the initiatives which Tokyo Metropolitan Government needs to promote from now on.
At the same time, in the light of situations surrounding food safety, measures that need to be especially focused on are selected and positioned as priority measures.

3 Steady Promotion of the Measures Based on the Promotion Plan

In addition to opinions and proposals from the “Food Safety Council,” and analysis and evaluation of information at “Food Safety Commission of Japan,” based on opinions from the Councils managed by each bureau, relevant bureaus will collaborate appropriately so that the entire Tokyo Metropolitan Government promote these measures.
Also, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will monitor the progress status on the priority measures to carry out proper inspections and the progress management, report the status each fiscal year to the Food Safety Council, and disclose it publicly in the middle of the planned term.
If a change in the surrounding situation occurs due to a new risk uncovered or an issue including responding to revisions of laws and regulations becomes unexpectedly overwhelming, the review of the promotion plan including referring the matter to the Food Safety Council will be considered when needed.

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